Aark Angel Dog Breeding

About Us


Our Cattery is called "Aark Angel Ragdolls " & our breeding prefix name is "Aark Kiara" named after our very first Ragdoll "Ragajac Kiara".

Kiara is only 5yrs of age born on the 15th March 2006.

Kiara is a very pretty, warm and friendly seal point ragdoll who lives with us in our home.

Our property is located in the Hunter Valley only 20mins to Singleton and Branxton and 15mins to Gresford NSW.

Our property is set in the beautiful valley of Glendonbrook with nothing other then the sound of nature, birds and all other animals. Our property name is "Indigo Hills" where we also have a boutique Spelling and Agistment facility being set up.

"Indigo Hills" has been built as our home not only for us and our 3 children but also to house and accommodate our much loved feline friends big and small. We have been lucky enough to acquire some very top breeding lines for our Ragdoll breeding program.

Our stud male "Bajimbi Happy Go Lucky" is a blue tabby Bi-Colour and was born on the 24th September 2006 and is a very nice male who has a very soft beautiful coat everyone that see's him instantly fall's in love with him & refers to him as "The white Tiger or Lion".Lucky has won many competitions all over Australia when he was younger with his previous owners .

We are a small boutique cattery specializing in quality loved and well breed kittens and not quantity. All of our kittens are born and raised in our loving family friendly environment for the first part of their lives before going off to their new owners.

Here we put our animals first always, our family also do alot in the way of helping all those less fortunate animals in the world through volunteering much needed research and resources with the help and backing from affiliated organizations. Because we care so much for all animals we do only offer our baby Ragdoll kittens to the best of homes. For anyone wanting more then just a cat but an indoor companion, Ragdolls are a purrfect choice.