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Quotes We were looking for a ragdoll kitten to come live with us in our new apartment and came across Rebecca's website. It was a beautiful drive to their home. At short notice, we were welcomed and met the litter who were only 4 weeks old. We fell in love with our Bella and it would be at least 5 weeks before we could take her home. We were sent lots of photos and updates on her well being, so we could be part of Bella's critical time in growing up. They grow so quickly in a short space of time. Rebecca was also flexible as to when we could bring Bella home and when it was time, all the paperwork and information was ready. Bella was looking very healthy and in a short time, Bella settled in happily with us. I highly recommend buying from Rebecca, as it is important that the kitten comes from a good breeder and friendly environment. Quotes
Diana & Ian
Happy Couple

Quotes Hi, Drove home yesterday with our beautiful boy! He slept most of the 3 hour drive! Very cute! Stopped off at Mackas for coffee. Not too fussed about that. Settled in so well with the family. Talking constantly and using litter tray and eating upon arival. Very well adjusted kitten. Thank you so much. Quotes
Dianne Butler

Quotes We recently recieved a lovely little angel Mila, she is very beautiful, playful, strong willed, confident & many more good traits! She settled in very well with our other ragdoll Mischa Quotes
Caila Oblein

Quotes WOW..I love my new Little Miss...she has settled in really well at her new home..she now knows who her new mummy is and always seeks me out..or tries to trip me up...haha..my other cats haven't taken to her yet but they will..she is very loving and affection and this is due to the loving family she was born in to..I cant thank Rebecca enough for allowing me to take her home..she is happy and healthy and certain didn't like her first car ride..it took her over an hour to finally settle, then have a nap on the back seat..she has brought lots of joy into the house. Thank you Rebecca xoxoxoxo from Little Miss. Quotes
Sue Troy
Crazy Cat Lady